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Kumudzi play centre

An outdoor play area your little ones will love.

endless fun!

Our playground has an assortment of playground equipment ranging from slides to trampolines and bouncing castles. Everything your little ones need to stay entertained and active throughout your visit.

endless fun!

Our playground has an assortment of playground equipment ranging from slides to trampolines and bouncing castles. Everything your little ones need to stay entertained and active throughout your visit.

Birthday Parties

Parties are a blast at Kumudzi Kids Play Centre.

birthday package

10 Kids
15 Kids
20 Kids

All packages include FREE admission to the play area, birthday decoration (theme of your choice) and a music system.


Cupcakes with cream • Drumsticks • Popcorn • Yogurt • Juice

Samoosa • Chicken Drumstick • Popcorn • Yogurt • Juice

Kids activities

New water slide • Water boat riding • Jumping Castle • Trampoline • Swimming • Soft Play • Jungle Gym • Slides and many more

*To confirm a booking, 50% deposit is required. We use first paid, first birthday booking system.

*We host ONLY 1 birthday party a day

*Food and drinks are STRICTLY not allowed (We have a restaurant and a bar to carter for your food and drinks)

*Party time is from 1:30pm to 5pm

Additional kids

Every additional child will have to pay K15,000


Custom Banner

A 150cm x 77cm banner
with your little one's picture (which you take home after birthday) K30,000

Party Box

A toy/sunglasses + chocolate bar


We have many themes to choose from including;

  • Bluey new
  • Encanto new
  • Moana new
  • Masha and Bear new
  • LOL new
  • Barbie new
  • Frozen
  • 6 Princesses
  • Sofia The First
  • Lady Bug
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Unicorn
  • Dora the Explorer
  • Bluey new
  • Lucas new
  • Lion Guard new
  • Spiderman
  • Paw Patrol
  • Lion King Jungle
  • Cars
  • Football
  • Spongebob
  • Batman

*If your theme is not above, we can always customize the theme you like

*Please do not forget to read our Playground Rules*

school trips

Treat your students to a day’s fun at Kumudzi Play Centre.

Our play centre is the perfect outdoor playground to host your schools next field trip. We have great packages to provide you and your students hours of enjoyment.

Play package

With this package your students are free to bring their own food.

  • 7 hours of play
  • Water and lemonade
  • Dedicated Event Ambassadors
  • PA system with a microphone
MK2,500 per person

Play And Eat package

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  • 7 hours of play
  • Cupcake • Samoosa • Chicken Drumstick • Popcorn • Yogurt • Juice
  • Water and lemonade
  • Dedicated Event Ambassadors
MK3,000 per person

Additional time

An additional hour on top of the 7 hours will be costed at MK25,000.

*Please do not forget to read our Playground Rules*


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your admission prices?

MK5,000 per child. (No fee charged for children 12 months and under).

Will the play centre staff supervise my child(ren)?

We provide staff to monitor the play to ensure a safe environment but each parent/caregiver is responsible to supervise and instruct their child on the rules of the structure. In line with our two (2) parents/guardians maximum rule, we except two parents/guardians to be sufficient to supervise a group of children they came with.

Can I bring outside food or drinks?

Food and drink, as is the case with rest of our premises, cannot be brought into the centre (with the exception of birthday cake, baby milk and baby food). There are signs at the Reception, on the Entry gate and in the Play Centre stating that outside food and drinks are not allowed. If you decide to openly disregard this rule we will ask you to put your food back into your car or ask you to leave entirely.

Do you host birthday parties

Yes, but at the moment, due to limited space, we can only host parties for 10 kids or less.

Am I allowed to take photos/videos?

Yes & no.

Yes: We understand how people like to capture special moments so we do allow you to take photos and videos, but only of your own children.

No: We do not allow professional photoshoots in the Kids Play Centre. No professional photography/video equipment is allowed in the play centre unless it’s for a birthday party, in which case, the fee charged is MK15,000.

Are there other forms of payment other than cash?

Yes, we accept Visa cards, MO 626 and Airtel Money.

Do you have a baby changing area?

Unfortunately we currently do not but we will have one soon.

How old must an adult be to supervise their child?

Adults must be aged 16 or over to supervise. Remember, only two free adults per child/group of children. Any more will be asked to pay.

Do you have Rules of Play?

Yes, parents must have read the Rules of Play board at Reception before their children can play. Parents must ensure their children play in a friendly manner. Children found to be upsetting other children will be asked to leave the play equipment.

Do you offer any discounts?

At the moment we only give discounts to school trips and Sunday schools for a capacity of 30 kids or more.

What are your opening hours?

Monday-Sunday: 9am to 5pm
Birthday parties: 1pm - 5pm

What food do you have at your restaurant?

Please see our menu here.

Can I bring external entertainers?


Do I have to pay for adults even if we aren’t playing in the playground?

We allow 2 free adult per child/group/family, additional adults pay MK4,000 each.

Why do we have to pay for additional adults?

Please remember that we have a maximum occupancy and everyone regardless of age is an occupant, less adults allows for more children to play.

how often do you clean the playground?

Our staff clean and disinfect the playground area every morning and evening. Throughout the day, cleaning is performed on an ongoing basis.

Do I need a deposit to book a party or event?

A deposit of 50% is required to confirm a booking and goes towards the total cost of your event. Booking at least a week in advance is highly advised.

Can I rent out the entire facility?

Yes. Booking a week in advance is required. We offer full and partial buyouts. For rates and inquiries, please call 0997334877 or email info@kumudzi.mw

Do you have a membership pass?

At this time we do not offer a membership or season pass. We do however offer a 10-Pack admissions pass which includes 10 visits for a child plus two free adult per visit.


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Play Rules

For the comfort and enjoyment of all our customers we ask all visitors to adhere to our simple rules of Safe Play. Management is not responsible for loss, injuries or accidents howsoever caused.

strictly two parents/guardians maximum per child or group of children.

Due to the limited space that we have at the play centre, we require that each child (or group of children if they have come together) be supervised by a maximum, of two parents/guardians.

Play Centre equipment is designed for children ages 18 months -13 years only.

For the safety of your child and for the durability of our equipment, we request that only those kids within the range of 18months to 13years of age be allowed to use the equipment at the play centre. Furthermore, to avoid injury and damage to equipment, we kindly request parents/guardians to exercise good judgement when allowing kids whose weight or height might not be suitable for a particular equipment.

children should not use water equipment without adult supervision.

For pool safety, there is no substitute for supervision. Please watch your Child(ren) while they use our water features.

No pushing or abusive behavior

As parent/guardian, you are in the best position to monitor your child and make sure he/she is playing with other children in a manner that does not cause intentional harm to themselves or other children. Any form of bullying will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to remove any child that is suspected of bullying behavior - this without a refund.

do not use equipment recklessly

We expect that your children know the proper use of the equipment we have available. If you suspect this is not the case for your child(ren) please approach one of our playground assistants and they will be glad help. Improper and reckless use of equipment can damage the equipment but also cause injury to your child as well as other children. For this reason, we reserve the right to remove any child from the playground who continues to misuse equipment after having been told otherwise.

no outside food or drink allowed.

Kumudzi Centre® (including Kumudzi Kids Play Centre®) has a no outside food policy - except for booked group events. For this reason, you are kindly requested not to enter our premises with food from outside. We have a restaurant that provides many food and beverage options.

strickly no smoking

For the health safety of the kids at the playground, Kumudzi Kids Play Centre® has a no smoking policy.